June 15, 2019


Running the Leadville Trail Marathon

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Your Hero's Journey Begins Here

The Heroes Journey Series was created to support our nation's Veterans & First Responders through Warriors' Ascent who are overcoming Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) using the same discipline, commitment, training and support found in endurance sporting events.


Whether you are running an 100K ultra, paddling across the state, rock climbing up a mountain, or doing a 5k run/walk in your hometown, you can begin your own Hero's Journey either on your own or with a team and support our nation's warriors in the process.

Your Chance to Serve

Those who Served

With less than 1% serving today, modern society is ill prepared to assist Veterans and First Responders cope with the traumas they have experienced on our behalf.


Warriors’ Ascent has created a holistic evidence-based healing program rooted in centuries of tradition used by ancient warrior cultures. Our FREE five-day program provides an environment dedicated to healing, using proven techniques and practices to create habits for long-term healing.

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